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7 Fun Scholarships with Deadlines on the 1st of March 2024

Here are seven (7) FUN scholarships and they all share a common deadline – March 1, 2024.

As March approaches, so does a golden ✨ opportunity for students eager to pursue their academic dreams.

Here are seven (7) FUN scholarships and they all share a common deadline – March 1, 2024. In the dynamic landscape of education funding, these scholarships present a chance to turn your aspirations aka (making college cheaper) into reality. Let's dive into the details of these opportunities and explore the potential they hold for those ready to seize them. The clock is ticking, and the next chapter of your academic journey could be just one application away! So ensure you apply for these!

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Let's get into it! ✔

1.Once Upon a #BookTok Scholarship

🏆 Award: $500

📅 Deadline: 1st March 2024

Eligibility: Students from all educational backgrounds are welcome to apply for this scholarship.

Submit: Describe your ideal bookshelf inspired by #BookTok recommendations. Which titles are must-haves, and how have those titles impacted the #BookTok community?


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2. Ultimate K-Pop Stan Scholarship

🏆 Award: $500

📅 Deadline: 1st March 2024

Eligibility: Students at any education level are eligible to apply for this scholarship as long as they have a genuine appreciation for K-Pop and its influence on the world.

Submit: Which K-Pop group/artist is your favorite and how have they made an impact on your life and global culture? (400–600 words)


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3. Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship

🏆 Award: $10,000

📅 Deadline: 1st March,2024

Eligibility: High school students, homeschool students, and undergraduates alike. The eligibility criteria emphasize U.S. citizenship or legal residency and a minimum age of 14 years old.

Submit: Design a greeting card for the opportunity to win yourself a $10,000 scholarship and $1,000 for your school. Plus, your winning entry will be made into a bona fide greeting card by The Gallery Collection


4. “The Summer I Turned Pretty” Fan Scholarship

🏆 Award: $500

📅 Deadline: 1st March,2024

Eligibility: Students at any education level are eligible to apply for this scholarship so long as they are a fan of this transformative TV series.

Submit: Are you Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah? Defend your choice with specific moments from the series. (400–600 words)

Note: This scholarship is not endorsed by or affiliated with Jenny Han, Amazon Prime Video, or any entities associated with "The Summer I Turned Pretty" franchise. It is an independent scholarship created by to celebrate the impact of the series on the lives of fans


5. Zendaya Superfan Scholarship

🏆 Award: $500

📅 Deadline: 1st March,2024

Eligibility: Students from all educational backgrounds who've been touched, motivated, or simply entertained by Zendaya's contributions to the arts are encouraged to apply!

Submit: Zendaya wears many hats—from fashion, acting, singing, and activism. Which aspect of her multifaceted career do you admire the most and why? (200–600 words)


6. “GUTS- Olivia Rodrigo Fan Scholarship

🏆 Award: $500

📅 Deadline: 1st March,2024

Eligibility: Any student at any education level with any GPA is eligible to apply for this scholarship. The only requirement is that you are a fan of Olivia Rodrigo's ‘GUTS’ album!

Submit: Choose a lyric from Olivia Rodrigo's ‘GUTS’ that resonates with your own teenage experience. Discuss how the lyric captures the essence of adolescence and the challenges that come with it. (400–600 words)


7. “Eras Tour Farewell Fan Scholarship

🏆 Award: $500

📅 Deadline: 1st March,2024

Eligibility: The Eras Tour Farewell Scholarship is open to all U.S. students at any education level; the only requirement for this scholarship is a genuine appreciation for Taylor Swift's music.

Submit: Describe how Taylor Swift's music, particularly during the Eras Tour, has helped you discover or understand something new about yourself. (400–600 words)

As we conclude this exploration of seven easy scholarships with approaching deadlines, we hope you've discovered opportunities tailored to your unique path.

Securing financial aid for your education should not be a daunting task, and these scholarships serve as stepping stones toward your academic goals.

Before you embark on the application journey, here are a few tips to enhance your scholarship pursuit:

- Stay Organized: Keep track of deadlines, requirements, and application materials to ensure a smooth and timely submission process.

- Show Your Authenticity: Craft compelling essays that reflect your true self, experiences, and aspirations. Authenticity often stands out in scholarship applications.

- Highlight Achievements: Showcase your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and community involvement. Many scholarships value a well-rounded individual.

- Seek Guidance: Don't hesitate to seek advice from teachers, mentors, or counselors. Their insights can provide valuable perspectives and improve your application.

- Review and Revise: Proofread your application materials thoroughly. A polished and error-free submission demonstrates attention to detail and professionalism.

- Apply Strategically: Focus on scholarships that align with your interests, goals, and background. Quality applications tailored to specific criteria often yield better results.

- Persistence Pays Off: If you don't succeed in securing a particular scholarship, don't be discouraged. Keep exploring opportunities and refining your approach.

Remember, the journey to securing scholarships is not just about financial aid; it's an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. Best of luck on your scholarship endeavors, and may your academic pursuits be rewarded with success! 🎯


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