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We Make It Affordable.

You can be the HERO of your own college funding journey. We can be your SIDEKICK.

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$1.7 trillion
Student Loan Debt
Public 4-Year College
Private 5-Year College
Avg. Living Expenses

The Cost of College is High

Higher education is key to mobility but, unfortunately, millions of students struggle to get into or through school due to financial constraints...

We understand that which is why we want to ensure you make the best choices so that you can pay with confidence and without unexpected costs.

We Help You Through Every Step of the College Funding Process!

Step by Step Guidance to
FAFSA® And CSS Profiles

Access to Loads
Of Scholarships
Negotiate with
Colleges for More $
Save Thousands
College Costs

we show you how to

✅ Make college affordable
✅ Find lucrative and easy scholarships
✅ Discover how colleges determine financial aid
✅ Step by step guidance to the FAFSA  
✅ AVOID getting into toxic amounts of debt
✅ Negotiate with colleges to get MORE money
✅ How to save money before and after college

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Hi! I’m Josh Bennett, CFP®, founder of College Funding Hero. I am an unashamed personal finance nerd. When I graduated from Indiana University, I became fascinated with everything finance. With consistent learning and researching, I became a Certified Financial Planning™ Professional to ensure that I could guide the financial health of others.
I started my businesses Vincere Wealth, College Funding Hero and Money Masters as a way of providing families with the DIY tools to take hold of their finances, improve their financial literacy and avoid student loan debt! We’ve helped 100’s of families through the college funding process. On a personal note, I’m the son of a college professor, so I guess you could say I was born to help people with college finances! ☺

Josh Bennett

Founder, CFP®, EA
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