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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I get access to these scholarships?

A: First you will get an email stating that you have successfully signed up, then you will receive your list of 55+ scholarships and some scholarship tips.

Q: Will there be 55+ scholarships each month?

A: YES! Each month you will receive 55+ scholarships. No less!

Q: What type of scholarships will I receive?

A: You will receive a variety of scholarships. For example, with essays, without essays, fun scholarships. If you prefer niched scholarships, i.e. STEM or in a specific location, just let us know! We will send a list of those specific scholarships among others directly to your inbox.

Q: Are these scholarships legit?

Yes! Each scholarship application submitted to our database is reviewed and approved by the College Funding Hero staff. Every scholarship is examined, and we never let one to be featured in our database unless we are certain that the award is genuine. We never accept scholarships that require you to pay an application fee.

*Disclaimer: the Scholarship Hero Subscription fee ($5/month) is a searching fee for these 55+ scholarships. We are by no way charging for the scholarship itself. If you notice this activity on other sites, that is a scam and you should beware.