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We've got you covered by handling your FAFSA submissions each year, ensuring you never miss out on potential financial aid.

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Josh Bennett, Founder, CFH

1️⃣ Is the FAFSA application process a constant source of stress?
2️⃣ Concerned that you are missing out on financial aid each year?
3️⃣ Do those looming deadlines always seem to creep up too fast?

Say goodbye to the stress of navigating the FAFSA maze.

Introducing our premium FAFSA service, where we handle all the nitty-gritty paperwork, leaving you free to seize the opportunities that really matters. 📚

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Single-Year FAFSA Assistance
Get your FAFSA sorted for a stress-free first year of college! We'll handle your FAFSA application, ensuring you don't miss out on financial aid opportunities. One-time peace of mind for your debut year in college.
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$300 per year

Multi-Year FAFSA Support
Simplify your entire college journey with our Multi-Year FAFSA Support! We'll tackle your FAFSA application each year, leaving you worry-free. Remember, every year brings new possibilities, so let us secure your aid consistently. Secure your financial future, year after year!
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